3 Top Tips For Choosing Your Godson’s Baptism Gift

So you’ve been chosen as a godparent? What an awesome honour!

One of the first decisions to make (after saying ‘yes’) is what baptism gift to get for your godson… which is a bit more tricky.

I remember the first time I was asked to be a godparent – I was so excited. At the time I had no kids of my own so I didn’t have much of a clue what to get. I ended up getting a Vegetales DVD as I remembered young children talking excitedly about it when I taught Sunday School a few years before.

In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best gift as it was a DVD full of their best silly songs, so no real moral lessons there!

Now after 3 kids of my own there’s certain gifts they’ve been given that are very special and meaningful.

These meaningful gifts all have 3 things in common which I’ve summed up below:


1.    Use the Gift to Point Your Godson to God

Being a “god” “parent” it makes sense that the gift will somehow point to God.

This might seem kind of simple and obvious but sometimes it can be hard to do if the parents aren’t very religious as they will be the ones opening the present if your godson is a baby. But as your godson grows he will see the gift and he will know that God must be important to you.


2.    Include a Meaningful Message

Most treasured gifts carry a meaningful message.

What is the one best message to give your godson?

I think it has to be the message that God loves them!

God’s unconditional, passionate, everlasting love is something that is so hard to truly grasp (I know I struggle to fully grasp it), but it is so important!

This message is told countless ways throughout the bible. It is the message that Jesus came to earth for. It is the message that he gave his life to tell us. We are loved so much. Your godson is so loved by his Maker.

I think the most meaningful messages are also ones that kids can relate to and in a language that they understand. I love The Message bible because it uses everyday language and is written in a way that is easy to understand.

Do you have a favourite verse that conveys God’s love? If you do – use it! Either search for a gift with this message on it or engrave or hand write it somewhere.

On a side note – boys by nature crave adventure. God is powerful and full of adventure – he created the heavens, the earth and the entire universe. Maybe also hint at God’s power in the message you choose.

Two of my favourite bible verses for boys are:

  • “God’s love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic. Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks.”      Psalm 36:5-6 (MSG)
  • “Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love, to be made whole and holy by his love.”     Ephesians 1:4 (MSG)
How do I include this message on my godson’s gift when space is limited?

Often space is limited when engraving on a gift. To best use that space you could condense the message into a few words (which are easy for a child to understand) and provide one or two bible references that he can read in depth when he is older and owns his own bible (maybe the bible that you give him as a first holy communion gift??)

As a suggestion you could write one of the following:

  • Made by God. Loved by God.   
  • Loved by your Mighty Maker.
  • Chosen and loved before the world was created.
  • Along with a couple bible references for them to explore when they’re older like:    Psalm 36:5-6,    Ephesians 1:4   

Another really great thing to include with your meaningful message is your godson’s baptism date – so he can easily remember the date he was baptised.



3.    Choose something Long-Lasting

Ideally I think a baptism gift should be long-lasting. So when your godson is older he can look at it and remember his baptism.

A long-lasting gift means 2 things:

  1. Timeless – if possible try to choose a gift that will not date, but grow with your godson. For example – cutesy pictures are not something that your godson will probably want to display when he is older. This is possibly the hardest thing to consider when choosing a gift. And honestly this tip is last for a reason, it’s the least important in my view. The tips above are more important, so if you can’t find a timeless gift – please don’t stress.
  2. High Quality – a gift of high quality is more likely to last longer as it will be better made with better materials. This makes it more durable… but also unfortunately more pricey.


Gift Ideas

Here are a few gift ideas that mostly fit the above tips.  I think any of these would make an awesome baptism gift for your godson.

Wooden Treasure Box

My 5 year old son is always looking for a container to put his special things in, so I think a wooden treasure box would get lots of use throughout the years.

This box below from Modo Creative is a small sized wooden box absolutely perfect for all the little treasures your godson finds. This will grow with your godson as he finds different treasures to store as he grows.

Modo Creative is based in the UK, but they ship internationally at an affordable price.

What I love about this box is you can engrave it with your godson’s name and handwrite your godsons baptism date and your meaningful message on the inside of the lid. You can grab the box here.


This treasure box below is from Mamacaribou and is made in Australia.

You can find it here – I’ve included a link to the Mamacaribou shop page on etsy as their listings change from time to time, so the one shown below may not always be available.


Display Pieces

I love, love, love this personalised oak letter from Modo Creative. Both the front and back can be personalised.

I’d personalise something like this:

Front: K … “is for Kaden”

Back: “Baptised 28th June 2018. Chosen and loved before the world was created. Ephesians 1:4, Psalm 36:5-6”


Another gorgeous creation from Modo Creative is this personalised wooden star. It’s made from stunning oak. There is plenty of room to include your godson’s name, baptism date and message.

If it were me I’d write something like:

“Luca Green
Baptised 3 November 2018
Loved by your Mighty Maker.
Ephesians 1:4,  Psalm 36:5-6″

You can get the oak star here.

You might think I’m affiliated with Modo Creative, but I’m not – I just love their products!


Framed Faith Print

I love that a framed print will hang on your godson’s wall for him to read anytime. Because it’s so visual it’s important to choose one with a strong message about God’s love.

There are many to choose from – but here’s one from my online shop that I think is really a timeless print and will grow with your godson.

The print lists 3 bible passages about God’s love and power that will hopefully encourage your godson to check out the message for himself in his own bible when he’s old enough. It can be personalised with your godson’s name and baptism date too. You can grab the print here.


A Little Something Baby Can Use Now

Along with one of the timeless gifts above why not add something that baby can use now.

There is a DVD which my children have absolutely loved since they were babies (my eldest daughter received it as a baptism gift). It has calmed them when they were fussy and kept them quiet for a whole 1/2 hour.

The DVD I’m talking about is the Praise Baby DVD. It has beautiful pictures and imagery for your godson to watch including other children and babies, animals, bouncing balls, bubbles, colourful animation and much more set to popular worship songs.

Your godson’s parents will thank you for it!

There are 6 Praise Baby DVD’s to chose from but the favourite in our house is My Father’s World(Please note that this contains an affiliate links, so I may earn a small commission if you click through and purchase).


As a godparent the main aim of your baptism gift for your godson should be to point your godson to God’s love for him. You can do this by including a message of God’s love on your gift with bible references for him to explore when he’s older, along with his baptism date. If you can do this – that’s fantastic, you’ve done your job! If you can find a gift that is also long-lasting (timeless and good quality) – then in my opinion that’s even better!

I’ve love to know what meaningful baptisms gifts you’ve received – let me know in the comments below…

If you’re looking for a baptism gift for your goddaughter – check out these ideas.



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