Hi, I’m Ruth. I’m a mum of 3 (2 girls and a boy) from Adelaide, Australia.

When I was a little girl I had a plaque hung at the end of my bed (a gift from my godmother). I remember it well as I read it over and over again:

“I will never forgive you. I have carved you upon the palms of my hands.”   Isaiah 49:15-16.

What?? – why would my godmother give me something telling me that God would never forgive me? I was baffled as I was pretty sure that wasn’t true. Anyway, I finally realised that I’d read it wrong “I will never forget you” is what it said – that made me feel a whole lot better!

So when I finally figured it out it stuck with me as I had read it so many times. What beautiful words to remember. I felt so special and loved.

I read somewhere that we need to read something between 7 to 20 times before it really sinks in. 20 times is a lot! I know I often read beautiful, inspiring words in a book or pinterest that really touch me and I want so badly to remember them, but usually I forget. Maybe if I read them again and again I would have a chance of remembering. Maybe this happens to all of us, even as children. We need truthful, beautiful words from God somewhere where we can see them every day to help the message sink right in so we remember it.

The prints at Pure Gift are created to be displayed where children can see and read them every day to help them remember how special and loved they are by their Creator. He made each one uniquely with such care. This is so important to remember, because so many things in life make us believe otherwise.

Now I have 3 little treasures of my own and I want them and children everywhere to know this beautiful love of God and to know it deep down in their soul.