The Best Gift Ever – And It Doesn’t Cost a Cent

“Eyes are like presents” says my 5 year old. Such a bold, unusual statement. Then he goes on. “Presents have ribbon to make them look pretty and eyes have colour around the black bit”. I love what kids notice and the connections they make! The more I thought about his initial statement the more I realised how simple but true it is. When I look at my child with my … Read More

3 Tips For Choosing Your Goddaughter’s Baptism Gift

Choosing a baptism gift for your goddaughter can be overwhelming. There are so many options! So many beautiful and lovely things to choose from. How do you choose? Now, I personally don’t have a goddaughter, but I do have 2 young daughters who received some lovely baptism gifts when they were babies. I also have a very meaningful baptism gift that I still treasure today (you can read more about … Read More

3 Top Tips For Choosing Your Godson’s Baptism Gift

So you’ve been chosen as a godparent? What an awesome honour! One of the first decisions to make (after saying ‘yes’) is what baptism gift to get for your godson… which is a bit more tricky. I remember the first time I was asked to be a godparent – I was so excited. At the timeĀ I had no kids of my own so I didn’t have much of a clue … Read More