The Simplified Guide To Your Role As Godparent

The baptism of a child is such a special event, but once the day is over it is honestly so easy to forget all of the responsibilities you took on when you agreed to be a godparent to this special child.

This guide is here to summarise your role of godparent in a simple way. I’ve broken it down into 4 main responsibilities:


1.   Prayer

Prayer is pretty high on the list of godparent responsibilities, and even though it is one of the easiest to do (you can do it anywhere and anytime), it also seems one of the hardest ones to do.

I think it’s hard for a few reasons –

  1. What do we pray for? When I remember to pray for my godchildren I’m often stuck wondering what to actually pray for them. It’s easier to pray for myself – I know what problems I have, but I don’t always know what’s going on in my godchild’s life.
  2. We often can’t see any results from our prayers, so it kinda seems like wasted time. 

But if there is one way we can have the most impact in our godchild’s life it has to be through prayer.

No one can change hearts but God.

No one can open and close doors like God can.

No one can change circumstances like God can.

God is the most powerful force there is and you have a direct line to him. Amazing!

If you can’t think of what to pray for, just thank God for your godchild and ask Him to open their heart to Him. Maybe pick a specific time in your daily routine (eg. when you brush your teeth) or week (driving to the grocery shop) to make it easier to remember to do.


2.   Friend & Role Model

If you live close to your godchild simply spending time with them and listening to them shows that you care about them and they are important to you.

Spending time together builds trust and friendship.

If your godchild trusts you they will also take notice of what you do and how you act. Children learn by copying what they see. This is such a huge way that you can positively impact your godchild’s life and show them (as best as you can) to live the way Jesus lived.


3.   Christian Influence

There is a lot to learn about the Christian faith. Luckily there are so many great resources that make it easy to share bible stories and principles in a way that that really connect with your godchild.

Baptism birthdays are a great time to give one of these gifts. If you struggle to remember birthdays like I do sign up here for free reminders sent straight to your inbox.

I’ve pulled the best Christian resources that I know of and bundled them together by gender and age group on the Pure Gift Pinterest board to make it easy when searching for a gift for your godchild – check it out here.


4.   Faith Milestones

There are certain faith milestones in your godchild’s life that are important:

  • Baptism – tick, if this one is already done. For a detailed explanation of baptism see What is Baptism.
  • First Holy Communion – this is an important next step in the life of your godchild – the first time they receive Holy Communion. The age that this takes place depends on the denomination. Our church (which is Lutheran) is around 10-12 years of age (I think – my kids aren’t quite there yet). Anyway, it’s good to be there for this one.
  • Confirmation – this is when the child affirms the promises made at their baptism (if the promises at baptism were made by parents and godparents). When I was young this occurred at the same time at first holy communion, but now it seems to be separated out and is done around age 12, again depending on the denomination.


In Summary

In your role of godparent some responsibilities may be easier to remember to do than others – faith milestones are hard to miss and giving a christian gift once or twice a year isn’t too hard either (as long as you remember the birthday!). Prayer and friendship is something that is more ongoing and in my opinion a bit harder as there are no set dates and it’s easier for these to get drowned out in the busyness of life.

Are these areas you struggle in too?  let me know in the comments below…

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